IAMFreedomgirl was created to teach women who they are in Christ through God’s Word and to be the hands and feet of Jesus in practical ways.

What is IAMFreedom Girl?

We are a group of Christian women who visit local Adult Entertainment Clubs in the Tampa Bay Area to bless the dancers in the clubs with small gifts, offer prayers, bring hope and love without judgment or condemnation for their choice of profession.

How do I get involved with FG?

We ask that you fill out a FG application that will be reviewed by FG leadership. Our application is designed to identify anything in your past or present that would cause you physical, spiritual or emotional pain from going out into the clubs with FG. We want to make sure that you are protected in every way.

After I have been approved what happens next?

You will receive a phone call or email from our leadership team.  We will also provide a brieftraining. We will invite you to go on outreach with us and shadow one of our experienced team members. This ministry is Spirit led.  When you are on outreach you can simply shadow, hand out gifts and watch our team members interact with dancers. If the Spirit leads you to interact with a dancer we encourage it.

What do I wear to the clubs?

We ask that you model modesty. If you wouldn’t wear it to church then don’t wear it onoutreach. We are pretty causal, jeans, appropriate tops and comfortable shoes.

How do I prepare for a night of outreach?


Pray, pray, pray! We are going into some very spiritually dark places in our city. The battle we wage is not of flesh and blood but into the spiritual realm. We ask that you intentionally set aside time to be in the Word, pray, fast, listen to praise and worship music or be still to here what God would have you do on outreach.

What happens when we go into the clubs?

We have been going into the clubs since August of 2012. We have developed relationships with club managers and staff so we are welcomed into the clubs. Each month we write down prayer request received from the girls/patrons/managers. We recap what happened the month before we go into the clubs so we can ask specific questions about the girls lives. Each club is different, most like us to go to the dressing rooms to interact with the girls, but some allow us to spend time in the club itself. We hand out gifts, give baked goods and ask the girls if they have any prayer requests. Some of the girls want prayer right then and there, others will give request and some will just say “I ‘m good”. Please remember all requests and conversations about their lives are confidential.

Should I approach a dancer if she is with a patron?

Please remember this is a place of business and the girls are working. Do not interrupt a dancer if she is with a patron. You may leave a gift on the table where she is sitting or by the stage if she is dancing. Most of the dancers will come and find us for prayer request or to talk.

Is it okay to give a dancer my phone number?

Yes, we are all about building relationships with the girls. Ask permission to text them or call. We encourage meeting them for coffee or lunch. This is about your comfort level and how God is leading you.

Is it okay to invite a dancer to my church?

Absolutely! We encourage it.

What do I do if a male patron in the club approaches me?

Most of the men in the clubs want to know why we are there. Be polite and explain who we are and what we do. We have had conversations with the men in the clubs who need Jesus just as much as the dancers. If the patron is rude say nothing and walk away.

What if I see something that I can’t get out of my head or brings up emotions or feelings that I don’t know how to deal with?

Please tell a core team member and we will pray with you and ask the Lord’s direction on what is best for you.

What if I decide that going into the clubs is not for me?

This ministry is not for everyone. We respect and appreciate when a woman recognizes that this is not her calling.


Outreach is not for me but I still want to be involved, how can I help?

IAMFreedomGirl is run totally on donations. Monetary donations are always welcomed and are used to purchase items for our gift bags to the dancers and the gift baskets we leave in the dressing rooms. The items we need are: lip sticks, glosses, eye shadows, nail polish, lotions, nail files, hair products, devotionals, worship music, kid’s Bibles, baked goods, chocolate, candy, baskets, ribbon, think girly and they will love it.

Once a month we put the gifts together and always need help. It is a great time of fellowship and getting to learn more about the IAMFreedomGirl ministry.

Prayer – we always need prayer especially on outreach nights. Commit to pray for us while we are ministering to the dancers.